Pictures II


Taylor vom Kammer and her best friend Mollie

Logan/Alissa pup living in Boston Ma

Mika vom Kammer

Living in Orlando Fl (Quina Puppy)


Meeko vom Kammer





Living in Endicott, NY (Quina Puppy)


Jager Vom Kammer ( aka Cooper)

Logan-Alissa Puppy

Living in Clifton Park, N.Y.



Ozar vom Kammer (Logan- Anuschka Pup)

Living in Averill Park N.Y.



Oxanna vom Kammer  (Logan-Anuschka Puppy)

Living @ Coffee Cup Quarter Horse Farm

Plattsburgh, N.Y.



Gabi vom Kammer (aka Sami)

Living in Bedford, N.Y.


Czereck vom Kammer

SG1 New  England Regional




Felina vom Kammer

SG4 New England Regional



Kit vom Kammer (Logan/Abby pup)

Argo (Logan/Alissa pup)

Logan-Alissa puppies

Jackson vom Kammer

Justa vom Kammer


VP1 Czereck vom Kammer

Felina vom Kammer

SG2 @ Northeast Regional

Abby vom Kammer



Yassi pup

Sida pup


Eeyore vom Kammer

@ 13 months

Eeyore vom Kammer


Czereck vom Kammer (right side)

Astro vom Kammer (aka oden, Left side)


Gabina vom Kammer with her

new family in the Seattle, WA area

Libelle pup


Gismo Vom Kammer in Miami,Fl   AKA Dusty


Libelle pup

Gandalf  vom Kammer in Alburn NY

Libelle pup


Yassi pup

Alissa pups

Alissa pup

Yassi pup

Anuschka pup

Sida pups


Zuggy pups


Justus vom Kammer

Elmira, N.Y. (Anuschka Long coat Male)


Cimmeron vom Kammer

Moriah, N.Y.

Anuschka Male



Sida Puppy


Yassi pups