New Pictures



Annabelle vom Kammer

10 month old Elfe-Bob Female

Logan vom Kammer III

9 Month old Libby-Logan male

Rusty vom Kammer

Farrah/Logan male

Ricco vom Kammer

Ginara/Yves Male

Veego vom Kammer

2 year old Quina/Max male

Jackson vom Kammer

5.5 month old Venus-Jeremias male

living in Las Vegas, NV

E-Bruin vom Kammer

1.5 year old Abby-Max male

Enjoying vacation with his family

Jack vom Kammer

10 month old Farrah-Logan male

Living in the Bronx, NY

Ace vom Kammer

4 Month old Quelle-Yves male

Living in Newburgh, NY


5 month old Yvonne-Jeremias long coat female

Living in Albany, NY


7 month old Ken-Wanda Long coat female

Living in Mooresville, NC

Jessie vom Kammer

10 month old Farrah-Logan Female

living in Middletown Ohio

Harley vom Kammer

Max/Queenie Male living in

Ft Edward, NY

Elsa vom Kammer

Max/Queenie Female living in

Charlottesville, VA


Import male

Tasha vom Kammer

Logan/Farrah female

Making herself at home in

Natick, MA

Schatzie vom Kammer

Libby-Logan Female

Living in Wayne, NJ

Oz vom Kammer

Libby-Logan Male

Living in Berne, NY

Boca vom Kammer

Libby-Logan Female

Enjoying life in Marblehead, MA

 R-Hanna vom Kammer

Enjoying the good life in Fairview, Pa

Ginara-Yves Female

Quelle-Yves Male

Leaving for his new home in Newburgh, NY


Cooling herself off in Albany, N.Y.


cooling himself off in Satellite Beach, FL

Ginger vom Kammer

Alissa-Logan Female

Rainor vom Kammer

Farrah-Rocky Long coat Female

Marcus vom Kammer

Libby-Logan Male

Rommel vom Kammer

Libby-Logan Male

Larkin vom Kammer

Jackson vom Kammer

Libelle - Logan Males

Logan vom Kammer III

Marcus vom Kammer

Annabell vom Kammer

Baron vom Kammer

Almost 2 year old Logan/Alissa male

Lars vom Kammer

10 week old Libelle/Yves male

Lars and his pal Emma living the good life in Putney, Vt

Evi vom Kammer

What does a German Shepherd do on a hot summer day?

Evi @ 6 Months

Evi @1 year old

Abby/Max Female living in Medford, Ma

P-Halle vom Kammer

Quina/Logan Female

 enjoying the comfort of her new home in Poughguag, NY

Jack vom Kammer

3 month old Farrah/Logan Male

Mya vom Kammer

Alissa/Logan female

L-Kam vom Kammer


10 week old Libelle/Yves female

Living in Lake Havasu City, Az

L-Chole vom Kammer

Libelle-Yves Female enjoying life in

Dorchester, MA

Kayla vom Kammer

Quina/Max Female

Living in Severn, MD

Conan vom Kammer

Conan is an 8 month old Alissa/Logan male

Living in Plattsbugh, N.Y.

Z-Judah vom Kammer

Judah is a 9 month old Zuggy/Logan Male

Sandia Park, N.M.

A-Hans vom Kammer

7.5 month old Libelle/Max Male

F-Garmish vom Kammer (aka Niko)

A 5.5 month old Felina/Logan Male

G-Heidi vom Kammer


Z-Charlie vom Kammer

Zuggy/Logan male