Testimonials II


In February we lost our beloved Jake, a 10 year old German Shepherd to an unexpected illness.  He was like our child, so much more than just a dog.  We know we can never replace Jake, but we wanted to find a high quality German Shepherd to fill the void in our lives.  We began some pretty extensive research and finally decided on Vom Kammer Shepherds. 

We have had Jackson for over a month now and he is truly an amazing puppy!  He reminds us a little of Jake everyday.  He becomes smarter and more handsome every time we look his way.  I have been around German Shepherd police dogs my whole career and have come to know the make-up of a quality dog.  Jackson definitely has all of the traits required for both an outstanding family pet as well as a very intelligent working dog.  All of our friends are truly amazed of his intelligence and personality. 

If you are looking for a high quality, beautiful German Shepherd, look no further than Vom Kammer.  Roberta and Jerry Katz really take great pride in the quality of dogs that they offer.


Chris & Leslie Leveque
Las Vegas,  NV    


Juno vom Kammer

I just wanted to drop you a note about Juno.  She just turned 3 months old and she is absolutely everything I expected in a German Shepherd puppy.  She is smart, funny, gentle and assertive…she fights until she can fight no more then she pretends that submitting was all her idea.  If I can find the right teacher I will definitely train her as a sporting dog because she is just tooooo clever.  She already stays right with me when we are walking, even off lead, and she loves to fetch.  Yesterday was her first day in doggy day care and they had to evaluate her because of her age to see if she could “deal” with the big dogs.  She approached dogs six times her size with confidence and kept going back for more.  I was so proud of her.  Thank you Roberta, I will send you pictures soon…you could not have made me happier.  lani


Evi vom Kammer

Abby - Max Female

Hi Roberta

Evi is a year old now and is a beautiful girl. She loves to go to work, play ball and street hockey and run in the snow.  She is very intelligent and learns quickly.  Everyone who meets her tells us what a great looking dog we have!!  We think so too.  She is a joy!  Here she is relaxing after a busy day of work and play.

Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family.

Tommy, Pat and Tom


 just to fill you in, Evi is the best. She is very busy none stop. she been coming to work with me everyday and loves it, rain or shine.  She's beyond smart and show absolutely no fear, man she's funny.  This is her at 5 months.  Gettig Big

She has taken over my bed, the living room, the den, has her own seat in the kitchen, and loves to be in the yard..she the new queen of Medford.  We haven't stop laughing since she walked in the house she is incredible...and extremely smart. She'll sit with a hand signal already and comes if she not to BUSY, and THAT she is. Both ears where up this morning when she woke me up at 5 looking to go out, she goes right to the back door and hits it when she needs to move her you know what. she's the best.

      I'll have to go though the hundreds of  pictures we have already and find the funny ones!  All the little ones will be here this weekend so I'll be sure to get some pics for you

talk to you soon 



E-Bruin vom Kammer

Abby - Max Male

Hi Roberta,

I just thought I would send you an updated picture of Bruin.  He's just over a year now and doing great.  Everybody we meet comments on how handsome he is.   At daycare, he's known as the "big guy".  What a wonderful dog he's turned out to be.  Thank you so much!


He is a very handsome boy, as I'm sure you will agree.  About a month ago, he graduated from obedience class and is doing great.  He loves the puppy across the street.  In fact, sometimes, I think he'd rather be over there than our house!  The other puppy is about the same age - 6 months.  And even though they are both males, they play together great.

I am so pleased with how nice Bruin has turned out.  He's exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you so much!


Baron vom Kammer

Alissa - Logan Male

Hello Roberta,

Baron is a jerk! We love him dearly and wouldn't trade him for anything, but he is a jerk. Friday a week ago he ate a half pound of butter I carelessly left on the counter after lunch and two days later he polished off a quarter of an apple pie Faye left out. He has chewed up so many things, we keep thinking there is nothing left, and then he surprises us with his ingenuity to find another "chewable".  He knows no shame! It isn't like he doesn't have toys all over the place. Paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex, toothbrushes, etc must all be kept up out of reach. The worst of it is that he is so sneaky. Just when you think all is secure, the phantom strikes again. It would be comical if a few of the things he decides to chew up weren't plastic and thus dangerous. We constantly look around and ask what have we left unguarded this time.

Again, we love the brute and wouldn't trade him for anything. Here are a couple of pics of him....he doesn't pose very well either. Also a pic of our resident mallard who returned last week and will nest here for the 7th year in a row.

Regards to you all,

Bob & Faye



Taggart vom Kammer

Libelle - Logan Male


We were happy to provide another potential buyer with an outstanding reference today regarding your facility and the incredible litters you produce.  Our "Son" Taggart vom Kammer has become not only a member of our family but the block mascot.  Whether it's out for our weekly trip to the pet store or simply a walk around the block people constantly stop and comment on how handsome he is.  Dog savvy people ask, "Is he is an import?" and "Do you show him?".  Our children find him to be an entertaining playmate and friend.  He has excelled in the obedience and protection phases of Schutzhund but I never worked him in the tracking phase although he has tracked neighborhood cats occasionally.  Taggart is not only handsome but courageous and intelligent.  I included some photos of Taggart for you.  Thank you for everything! 

Brian Hennig 




Stoli vom Kammer

Alissa - Iso Male

Here are some pictures of Stoli and his best friend Bailey,a 7 pound Pomeranien.  An unlikely pair, I know.  They get along great.  Stoli is so gentle with his little friend.  Stoli and Bailey grew up together so Stoli thinks he is the same size as the Pomeranien.  He has no idea of how big he is.  He does all the things the smaller dog does...like sitting on our laps.
Tommy and Amanda Nist


Ruger vom Kammer

Hi Roberta, 

Here are some pictures of Ruger.  He is a very handsome dog, and we get compliments on him all the time.  He is everything we were looking for in a German Shepherd. He is intelligent, and extremely well mannered.  And coming from an area of the country that loves labs and other hunting breeds, it is hard to find a good German Shepherd with the right temperament.  Well, we found it in Ruger... and we can't thank you enough.  We are looking forward to purchasing a Logan/Alyssa female so Ruger can have someone to play with. Our best regards and warmest holiday wishes to you and your family. Talk to you soon,

The Millers

Alliance, NE

(Go Big Red!)


L-Chole vom Kammer

Hi Roberta,

Sounds like you have had a crazy week.  That's scary when a tire blows!!!  I'm glad you are OK!  I will definitely keep in touch.... and I will keep sending you pictures of Chloe.

She has been really great!!  She loves the crate already and frequently goes in on her own to sleep. She is becoming more and  more independent every day!!!  She is also very smart.....she sits on command and comes running to me when I whistle for her (of course there is still frequently a treat on the other end waiting for her!!!)  She still has not barked yet....just a few yelps and an occasional attempt at a growl.  She has become the princess of the dog park..... everyone waits for her to arrive each morning and evening....she has quite a following....I must have given your web site out to  10 or more people already.

I hope yellow tag had a safe flight...and I hope green tag finds a good home!!

Good Luck with the show/competition!!!  Let me know how you do.

Take care,



Kayla vom Kammer

Hi Roberta:

Thought you might like some pictures of little Kayla, she is 11 weeks old and 13 lbs. She seems to like the cool weather so, we now will be putting a doggy door in the kitchen and have her go in and out to a side yard and deck! She surprises me every day with something new in her personality! She becomes frustrated when she can not master something and she learns so quickly. It is just amazing that Kayla is so smart at 11 weeks old!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you updated on Kayla's progress!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!

Rosemary Boggs


Z-Judah vom Kammer

                             Dear Roberta and friends,

                                           Being from upstate New York ,I can say the beauty of that part of the country matches the quality of our Vom Kammer German Shepard. Judah is quiet in temperament, strong in stature, and has all the qualities we look for in a German Shepard. We know where our next dog will come from.....we will look no further than Vom Kammer.  Thanks for such a fantastic dog!

                                                                                                                   The Cleary's                                                                                                                    

Sandia Park , New Mexico 


Conan vom Kammer

Hi Roberta,

Here is some pictures of Conan vom Kammer, son of Logan/Alissa. We want to thank you for such a beautiful and Energetic dog! (I know you remember how he was when you had him before we picked him up!… he hasn’t CHANGED!!)  So you know he’s a special dog that’s for sure!  Conan has it all, looks, intelligence and a sense of humor.  He’s almost human!  When we take him for his daily walk he’ll chase after crickets, bees grasshoppers and any other living insect that moves in the field.  We’ll keep you informed on how he’s doing in the future!




Y-Veego vom Kammer

Hi Roberta-

Finally got recent pictures downloaded .  These are from a early July trip to Prince Edward Island when Veego was going on 8 months old.

  Veego grows more handsome every day and continues to charm everyone he meets.  He is so good with children and with the folks at the nursing home we visit frequently that it's truly a pleasure to take him with us everywhere.  He's doing great in obedience and as soon he reaches one year we'll be getting his Therapy Dog certification.  He's such a smart dog (the first to figure out how to open the drawers in the bathroom cabinet) and so playful, we know we'll have to keep him busy with obedience, agility, therapy visits,etc.

We've never had so many people stop to ask us about our dog and whether we're going to breed him (you may hear from some of them, we've given your website address to several).  Some have even stopped by our obedience classes  because they heard about Veego through the grapevine.  Our instructor calls him her favorite German Shepherd.

Something new we learned about him when warmer weather finally arrived is what a water lover he is- he loves playing in the pond,in the sprinkler and with the garden hoses at home  and couldn't get enough of the beach on PEI.

I think he's grown some more in the last month so we'll try to get some more pictures off to you very soon.  We've noticed from looking at your website how similar he and his littermates and other Max and Quina pups look- all gorgeous.  We love his red sable coloring almost as much as we love his personality.

Hope all is well with you and all your pups.  Thanks again for our beautiful Veego.


Z-Bruschi vom Kammer

Hi Roberta, 


As I promised here are the new pictures of the super dog!  Hard to believe that he just turned eight months old.  We have always had German Shepherds, and they all have had their good and bad traits, but this guy has it all.  Looks and personality, we are truly enjoying him.  Hope you enjoy these photos, take care!




Beau vom Kammer

a 7 month old Anuschka/Logan Male

Oxanna vom Kammer

a 20 month old Anuschka/Logan Female

Hi Roberta & Jerry,
Just wanted to tell you how much we love the 2 Logan pups we have. Oxanna is growing into such a sweet girl & Bodacious is all boy.
We gave them both a bath yesterday and I'm not sure who got wetter us or them.
Thanks again for helping us pick out the right puppies for our home.
I love your Fannie pup.  I hope to be able to get one like her from you someday. They really are like potato chips.the more you have the more you want.
Thanks Again for all your guidance,
Don & Linda


Trooper vom Kammer

Dear Roberta,
 Trooper is the first dog we've ever had at our house-hold, although Eric and I have had others growing up as kids, but Trooper is awesome! I have never had a large breed dog but I'm so happy I do now!
Trooper is doing great as ever. We are very proud of him for graduating from obedience class. The instructor was so impressed by how quickly he learned new commands. He enjoys walks, playing with his favorite blue ball in the back yard. If you say the word walk in our house Trooper will pace back and forth running to the door and to the spot where all of the leashes are kept! He also enjoys playing with the kids, hiking, and swimming in ponds or lakes.
                  Thanks for an awsome dog!,
Eric, Denise, and Danielle and Alex


Toby & Cassie vom Kammer

Toby is a 13 month old Abby/Max Male  Cassie is a 7 month old Quina/Max Female

Hi Roberta,

I hope all is well with everyone and all your Dogs.

Here are some new pictures of Toby and Cassie.

We went camping in Bar Harbor Maine for a week. They had such a blast. I got so many compliments on how well behaved, and how beautiful they are. I gave your website out to all of the German Shepherd lovers we met



C-Ripley vom Kammer

a 7 month old Alissa/Logan male

Living in Newbury Park, CA


This is the Ripley Vom Kammer, son of Logan Vom Kammer and Alyssa Vom Kammer. He is the Blue Tag male from December 4th,2004 litter. He loves to play and is very energetic. We love him very much! He is getting very big fast.



D-Kira vom Kammer

a 7 month old Sida/Yves Female living in Pericasie,P.A.


Here is a nice picture of Kira [now 7 month old] and my girls for your web site. She is really a great dog, well tempered affectionate and smart. She camped with us for 3 weeks and nobody ever had a bad word to say about "the big puppy". Always well behaved and never threatening to people passing by our campsite.

If you ever need a reference for a potential buyer .. please feel free to give out my name, I'd be happy to tell anybody how good this dog is




Logan vom Kammer

is a  Libelle/Logan Male living in Sinnamahoning PA


Hi Roberta, We thought you would like to see photos of our Logan. I checked out your website. It's very nice & the pups/dogs are beautiful! I saw Logan's sister in IA, she looks exactly like our Logan. The dates are on the photos, as you can see, he's now 15 months, & he's huge. He's 28" at the shoulder in May. He goes to the vet. the end of July & then we'll know what he weighs. At 6 months, he was 75#. He's the friendliest & biggest Shepherd that we've ever owned. Logan is the perfect addition to our "zoo" & we would be lost without him. When you get time, please send me an e-mail if you received this message & photos. Thanks a million


Meeko vom Kammer

is a 2 year old Quina/Dux Male living in Endicott,N.Y.



Hi Roberta,

Happy 4th of July.  Hard to believe it's been over a year now that we've had Meeko already.  He has turned into a real sweet guy and follows me all over and loves his daily 2 mile walk.   Everyone complements on what a beautiful dog he is.  Just took some pictures of him that I thought we'd send to you


C-Rex vom Kammer

is a 7 month old Alissa/Logan male Living in Rye,N.Y.


Dear Roberta,

Hope everything is well.  Rex is great.  He is so beautiful and  amazingly still growing.  Thank you very much for giving us this little creature; he has been an absolute joy.  Here are some pictures of him taken on June 20th.  Thanks again


Archie vom Kammer

Roberta ~~ Hello! Greetings from Barneveld, New York!!! I just thought I would send you this picture of Archie in action!! He is so much fun to play with. He loves to run, so I make sure I take him out running at least 2 times a day for at least a half hour each.  If I forget to do this, he conveniently reminds me by sitting next to me and giving me the stare-down.  He also gives me the occassional tap of the foot as a reminder too. He is doing great!!!! He has such a personality. I was outside playing with him yesterday and he started doing his "geeky-guy" routine.  This is when he just starts running at random and twirling around in the air and it is soooo funny to watch. My stomach hurt from laughing as I watched him.  He weighs 53 pounds now and the vet says he is in great shape!!! I know I am getting in better shape making sure he gets his exercise! I saw the picture of his brother Hans on your website. He has the longer fur of his mom and the face/coloring of his dad. He definitely looks like Archie's brother! He is a beautiful dog too. Hope all is well with you! Hello to all your dogs! Take care and I will be in touch!