Today was a very sad day as our beloved Brinka passed away. Brinka grew up sleeping in our bed with us and always provided lots of love. Brinka was so full of life, but unfortunately she was afflicted with Mega-Esophagus and in the past week her health began to fail. Her zest for life will not soon be forgotten.

Some Pictures of Brinka's life

On the left

Brinka as very  young pup on her favorite chair

On the right

Brinka as a  pup with her soon favorite toys 'the tennis ball'


Brinka growing up

On left

Brinka, once again, in her favorite chair with her favorite toy

On right

Brinka in the hotel room on one of her road trips to a dog show

On Left

Brinka loved to cool herself off in her pool on a hot summer day

On right

Brinka also loved to romp in the snow during the cold winter days