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Jessie vom Kammer

Farrah-Logan Female

Hi Roberta,

I hope your summer been a good one.  Sorry it has been so long on this
update on Jessie.  As you can imagine this summer has been a very busy one.
I do want to tell you about Jessie's summer.

She was 10 months old September 8th and what a great girl she is..  She is
truly exactly what we were looking for Roberta.  She is a whopping 70 pounds
now and just a beautiful girl.  We have kept her very busy this summer.  As
you can see from the pictures she has her own little pool in the backyard
which you can not keep her out of.  The funny thing about Jessie is that she
hates for her toys to get dirty.  When playing with her Frisbee or kong ball
she is constantly washing them off in her pool, it is a riot.  She is a
natural at playing Frisbee and gets better at it everyday.  We also find
that she is a natural camper.  She loves to go camping with us if she thinks
for a minute we are going camping you can't keep her out of the truck. She
loves hiking in the woods and going to the water.  One of the things I love
about Jessie is that she is really a people person.  So many people want to
pet her and she loves it adults and kids alike she loves the attention.  We
get so many compliments on what a great dog she is both in beauty and in
personality.  Don't get me wrong if for one minute she sees or hears
something she doesn't like believe me you know it, and what a nose I swear
she could smell something 5 miles away.  She loves water as you will see in
one of the pictures, she seems to be a natural swimmer.  She is such a proud
dog, she is very confidant in herself. She loves her playmates Jasmine and
Cherokee though Cherokee is very old Jessie gets so excited when she even
gives a hint that she just might play with her for a minute, and her and
Jasmine run around the yard after each other non-stop. She is everything you
want in a dog, she has a great temperament however is very protective, loves
to play and loves to be loved.  We are so satisfied with our choice to come
to you for our German Shepherd.  We could not be more satisfied with her.
She seems to be very attached the trainer has said she is definitely a
mommas girl which I can see is very true.

Anyway here are some updated pictures for you plus I threw a old one in here
just to have a before and after.

Talk soon




Kai & Kayla vom Kammer

Hi Roberta:

What a night!!!!!!! Finally got some pictures taken (3). I have attached to this email for you. All is fine. Kai is getting along great with the dogs. Kai is so independent that he likes his own space. He sure fits his name. Kaiser-The Emperor. And can he talk!!!!!!!!! Last night was very amusing. The new game in our house is Kayla has Kai sit in his bed and Kayla drags Kai and the bed through out the kitchen. They simply play, play and play. Kayla has become an adult overnight and a protector over Kai. They will be best friends for life.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy seeing how Kayla, who is now 15 months old, has grown into a beautiful young lady.

Many thanks and I will stay in touch!




Jack vom Kammer

Dear Roberta:

 We sent you a picture of 'Jack' Vom Kammer at 3 months old from the Farrah/Logan litter of November 2005. Well, here is Jack at almost 11 months old. He has brought us such joy in our lives. We've grown to love him so much and we couldn't be prouder. He truly is a noble animal. Everywhere we go, people remark how beautiful he is. His temperament is beyond belief. We want to thank you again for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family. Tommy and Michelle Harrington.


Kam vom Kammer

Libelle-Yves female

Thought you might like to see a picture of Kam just before 1 year birthday. She is truly my best friend. Thanks, Craig Diehl,M.D.